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Key Stage 3 dance    

At St Peter’s School Dance is taught as part of the Physical Education curriculum in Key Stage 3.
The focus is on understanding and applying the key terms of Actions, Space, Dynamics and Relationships across a range of dance themes along with improving technical movement skills and performance evaluation skills.

In Year 7 the themes of work include: Dance by chance, Action reaction and the professional work Emancipation of Expression looking at body popping and breaking dance style.

In Year 8 the themes of work include: A Linha Curva looking at Samba and Brazilian dance styles.

In Year 9 the themes of work include:  Shadows and Infra looking at contempory and lyrical dance styles.

All assessment takes place against national curriculum levels with particular focus on Evaluating and Improving and Making and applying decisions.


An Introduction to AQA GCSE Dance

During Key Stage 4 core physical education lessons students can opt to follow a ‘Dance and Aesthetics’ pathway as part for their full/short Edexcel GCSE PE course.

At Key Stage 4 students also have the choice to study dance further gaining the AQA GCSE Dance award.



AQA GCSE Dance -2 components

Component 1: Performance and choreography (60%)

Performance (30%)

  • Solo Performance (2 x 30 secs)
  • Performance in duet/trio (3 to 5 mins)
  1. Solo Performance (two set phrases both lasting 30 secs)

There are 4 set phrases choreographed by AQA: Breathe • flux • shift • scoop

Students will perform two of them separately.

2.Performance in duet/trio (3 to 5 mins using material from the other two set phrases)


Students will be marked on:

Physical skills and attributes safely during performance

Technical skills, accurately and safety during performance

Expressive skills

Mental skills and attributes during performance.


Choreography (30%)

  • Solo/Group Choreography


  • Students will be marked on their Knowledge, understanding and skills for choreography.


Component 2: Dance Appreciation (40%)


  • Written examination (1½ hrs) 3 sections:
  • Section A: knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes.
  • Section B: Questions will relate to your own  experience of performance, or choreography
  • Section C: critical appreciation of professional works. You will answer questions relating to the GCSE Dance anthology (see over).


GCSE Dance Anthology

The GCSE Dance Anthology underpins learning across each of the three core areas.

  • The anthology’s mix of artistic, cultural and aesthetically diverse works, has been selected to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the wide range of dance choreographed and performed in the United Kingdom today.
  • The anthology consists of six short professional dance works each between 12 and 30 minutes duration.  You will study all six works.






Who should choose Dance?


  • Enjoy performing
  • Learning new dances
  • Rehearsing and refining a dance
  • Leaning new techniques and dance styles


  • Enjoy creating your own dances
  • Experimenting with difference dance styles
  • Composing solo’s and group dances
  • Developing motif’s

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