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Our aim is to introduce all students to a variety of texts and relevant topics that will interest and inspire them. Drama lessons help students build their confidence and learn performance skills that can be transferred to other lessons and later their chosen career.




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Year 7

Year 8

In Year 8 we like to introduce the students to the OCR GCSE syllabus and give the opportunity to learn lines, perform sections of a text to other students and devise a play using the devising GCSE criteria

YEAR 8                                                         YEAR TERM PLAN Lesson content. Drama themes or skills to be studied
AUTUMN 1  Melodrama.  Sweeney Todd                                                                             Using the story to investigate the stock characters in Melodrama and the characters relationships                                                                 Characters develop (Voice, body language and proxemics)
AUTUMN 2 Script. The Last Resort (teacher selected scenes)                                                                                    -Learning lines
-Developing believable/realistic characters
SPRING 1 Darkwood Manor.                                                                                     Whole class devised performance                                                              -Semiotics/Proxemics                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Year 7 Audience reaction and participation.
SPRING 2 The Titanic                                                                                   Looking at the real lives of people on the Titanic.                                                                                  -Developing realistic/believable characters                     -Semiotics
SUMMER 1 Changes                                                                       GCSE scheme of work looking at the theme of change for different situations, characters and environments.                                                                                                    -Different staging/performance spaces.
SUMMER 2 Devising from OCR GCSE exam stimulus material.                                                                        -Choosing own groups                                                         -Deciding on stimuli                                                                        -Performing to other classes


Useful Links

The National Theatre in London
The Phoenix in Exeter
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