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So many of the world’s current issues – at a global scale and locally – boil down to geography, and need the geographers of the future to help us understand them.” Michael Palin (TV presenter and Past President of RGS-IBG)

We aim to prepare St Peter’s students for life in our society, with all the challenges that will be facing the next generation.  We strive to keep the subject alive through teaching topical and relevant issues. We want our students to understand issues affecting our planet such as climate change, hazards, sustainability, consequences of coastal erosion and the impacts of economic change on communities and the environment.  This understanding will help them to participate in creating tomorrow’s world.

We encourage students to ask questions about the natural and human worlds, to discuss and analyse the issues, to develop reasoned arguments and reach their own conclusions.  We place a lot of emphasis on practical fieldwork with trips in KS3 and trips for each unit at KS4. (* fieldwork opportunities involved in this unit). This approach develops transferable skills such as team-work, problem solving, IT and communication skills, all helping geographers in their future careers.