RE Key Stage 3 - St Peter's Church of England Aided School Exeter, Devon, UK

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Year 7

Three units of work are studied.
Firstly, we explore some big questions like ‘Why study RE?’ ‘Who am I’, ‘How did I get here’, ‘Is there a God?’ ‘Where did evil come from’. We consider these with Christian and other world faith perspectives.

Secondly, we look at the life, death, resurrection and ascension of ‘Jesus’ and his relevance to our lives today and importance within Christianity.

Finally, we investigate ‘Sikhism’ as a major world faith.

Contribution to Key Stage 3 Citizenship Programme:
• Aspects of tolerance, community, diversity, respect, international awareness are all part of the RE course in Y7.

Year 8

The course is made up of the following three modules:

Firstly, we investigate why people suffer and explore the topic with reference to several key faiths e.g. Christianity, Buddhism and Islam

Secondly, we look at ‘Wealth and Poverty’ and ask questions about unfairness in the world and what our response should be.  Again, this is looked at through different faiths.

Finally, students explore the module ‘Authority and Morality’ which centres around  who and what we believe has authority in our lives including key texts and the concept of God for religious believers.  This gives students the opportunity to consider why Christians and Muslims believe their holy books have authority and gives a good grounding to GCSE RE.

Contribution to Key Stage 3 Citizenship Programme:
• Cultural Diversity: Belonging to a group: Civil and Religious. Rules and law.

Year 8


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