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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 has been re-written for 2019-20 based on the newest version of the Devon Agreed Syllabus which outlines a Programme of Study for both primary and secondary schools for RE.  The new version has had a substantial input from RE Today, a professional organisation who have been providing high quality resources for RE for many years.  The units we have chosen to teach below are from those recommended by the Agreed Syllabus for secondary schools and take into account the content for the GCSE the students will begin in Year 9.  It also takes into account the curriculum time given to RE.

Year 7

Year 7

Year 7 begin the Autumn Term with three units from the Understanding Christianity resource.  The first is ‘What does it mean for Christians to believe in God as Trinity?’  They will follow this with ‘Why do Christians believe that Jesus was God on earth?’ which focuses on the Incarnation.  Finally, they complete the first term with ‘What is so radical about Jesus?’

In the Spring Term, Year 7 explore non-religious world views and complete a unit called ‘What does it mean to be an atheist or agnostic in Britain today?’  They follow this with a unit designed to incorporate a national art competition called Spirited Arts and this is called ‘How can people express the spiritual through the arts?’  which allows the students to explore creative ways of expressing belief through music and art.

The Summer Term centres on Sikh beliefs with a unit called ‘How are Sikh teachings on equality and service put into practice today?’

Year 8

Year 8

Year 8 begin the Autumn Term by exploring morality and their first unit is called ‘Why are people good or bad?’ This is then followed by ‘What do we do when life gets hard?’ which focuses on the challenges of suffering and how different people might react.  These are also two units that are largely based on Understanding Christianity resources.  They complete the term by looking at ‘Should happiness be the purpose of life?’

The Spring Term focuses on Buddhism with a unit entitled ‘The Buddha: How and why do his experiences and teachings have meaning for people today?’

Year 8 finish by studying a further unit based on Understanding Christianity resources called ‘Should Christians be greener than everyone else?’  and explores creation, stewardship and climate change issues.


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