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Virtual Apprenticeship Open Evening – Exeter College

13 May 2020

On Thursday 14th May, Exeter College are hosting an Virtual Apprenticeship Open Evening. This is an opportunity to find out general information about apprenticeships, as well as job search advice and guidance, and talks about the different sectors that we run programmes for. This may be most appropriate for year 11 students, but is open to all.

You can find out more information on becoming an Apprentice here: https://exe-coll.ac.uk/apprenticeships/apprenticeship-awareness-week/

And book to attend the event here: https://exe-coll.ac.uk/event/virtual-apprenticeship-open-evening/

Also, their Online Showcase will be taking place on Thursday 21st May, This event is aimed at current year 11 learners who haven’t yet applied or want to find out more about the subjects and courses on offer.

We would also encourage Year 10s, and maybe even year 9s who are starting to think about their journey to college to get involved.

You can find more information about the showcase here https://exe-coll.ac.uk/theonlineshowcase/ and register online to attend here: https://exe-coll.ac.uk/open-events/