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13th January 2019

10 January 2020

Week beginning 13th January

Happy New Year!

We hope and pray that the 1st week back wasn’t too much of a shock to the system!? This half term we will be focussing on WISDOM and our assembly series will be called “Streetwise

The dictionary definition says that “Streetwise” means:

“…having the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment.”

We live in a fast and changing world and we hope and pray that we grow and nurture young people during their time at St.Peter’s so they are ready and prepared for what may lie ahead.

In QT this week we meet Hannah Gavios. In 2016, Hannah suffered a spinal cord injury that left her partially paralyzed. However, that didn’t stop avid runner Hannah from completing the ultimate challenge for runners. We explore the themes of perseverance, adversity and character along the way.

To access the video and download the PPT click here:



Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunities we have both in and out of school. Please help us all to be people with strong character who can bounce back from the many challenges that life throws at us. Amen

God bless and have a great week!

Mr Baker