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19th February 2018

9 February 2018

Week beginning 19th February

Welcome back! I hope and pray that you had a good break. The theme for this half term is COMPASSION and to support this theme we will once again be getting involved in the 40Acts challenge

For those of you who don’t know what 40Acts is…

40acts is a generosity challenge which invites people to do Lent a bit differently. During the forty days of Lent, 40acts participants will be invited to take part in forty simple acts of generosity which will challenge them to ‘do Lent generously’ in 2018.

Lent marks a pivotal point in the history of the church, when Jesus prepared to give himself up as a sacrifice.

Traditionally we mark Lent by giving something up, but what if it could do more than that? What if Lent was a preparation for a lifetime of big-heartedness? Small acts of generosity, performed by all members of the St.Peter’s community, have the power to make a big change to our school and, ultimately, our wider community.

If you’d like to get involved as a family, you can sign up here – https://www.40acts.org.uk

Each week will be themed and the first week back is: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE SPECIAL AND VALUABLE?

In assemblies we’ll be thinking about the story of Zacchaeus amongst others (Luke 19:1-10). We’ll also be thinking about REFLECTION from our Character Compass.

The QT for this week can be found here:


This QT introduces the 40Acts challenge and thinks about the fact that for change to take place in any school or organisation – “change starts with me”. We hope and pray that over the next few weeks that all our community will begin to turn our school into a place of radical generosity.


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for showing us how to treat other people. Help us to see people more the way you see them, not just what we can see. Help us to have time for others and to hear your voice. Amen.

God bless

Mr Baker