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22nd January

21 January 2018

Week beginning 22nd January

This week we will continue our look at WISDOM with a particular focus on “Questioning”:

Our Character Compass definition:

QUESTIONINGBeing curious, asking “Why? What? Who? Where? When? How?” – even when the answers are difficult to find.

Key Stage Assemblies will be taken by Jonny Elvin & Phill Brokenshire from Trinity Church. They will be taking a close look at Jesus and some of his encounters with people. Jesus was skilled at asking questions that drove to the heart of a situation.  Some of His most profound questions came as a response to those who were questioning Him.

The QT to support our thinking can be found here:

In this QT we look at the curiosity. Being curious is often a neglected character trait but it is always important to ask questions. In the video there are a collection of quotes about curiosity and the opportunity to discuss some of them on the PPT.


Heavenly Father, help us to be people who have the courage to ask questions. Help us to persevere when we make mistakes and help us to be patient in all that we do. Amen

God bless

Mr Baker