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3rd December 2018

3 December 2018

Week beginning 3rd December

Welcome to December! 5 weeks down and 3 to go in our epic 8 week half term. This week sees the start of Year 11 Prelims. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they face an intense fortnight of exams preparing them for next Summer.

Our Key Stage Acts of Worship will be taken next week by myself and Jonny, Phill & Hannah from Trinity. We will be beginning a new series where we are looking at some of the most loved Christmas films of all time! We will be unpicking some of the messages behind the films and see if we can learn some valuable lessons (DISCLAIMER – Sincere apologies if we don’t choose your child’s favourite film!)

The QT for this coming week focusses on the sad events that we have recently witnessed on our TV screens from Almondbury High School in Huddersfield.

Earlier this week, footage of an incident was widely shared online. In the clip a boy a young boy is attacked and hurt in a terrible incident of bullying. People have been outraged by the assault and an online appeal set up to help his family has raised more than £130,000 in 24 hours.

We will be reflecting on how we ensure incidents like this don’t happen at St.Peter’s and also have the opportunity to think about what things we could say to the victim and what questions we could ask the perpetrator.


Heavenly Father we pray for all those who are the victims of bullying incidents. Please comfort and help them. Please help us all to play our part in ensuring that this school is a safe and welcoming place. Amen

God bless and have a great week

Mr Baker