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9th September 2019

6 September 2019

Week beginning 9th September

Welcome back…or Year 7… just welcome! We hope and pray that you’ve had a great Summer holiday and that the first few days weren’t too much of a shock to the system!?! It has been fantastic meeting our new year 7’s over the last few days. We hope and pray that they have enjoyed their first week at St.Peter’s and that they feel a little more settled day by day.

Our school year got off to a bang with a first for St.Peter’s! During our Whole School Assembly on Wednesday afternoon… Year 11 sang to everyone! In any secondary school it is vital that Year 11 set the tone and lead by example and during period 4 they were introduced to their secret challenge and a quick rehearsal was held with Mr Balletto. After a little persuasion and encouragement our Year 11’s took up the challenge and performed to over 1000 people. Whilst you cannot download the Year 11 performance of “Wonderwall” on itunes, it was great to see a group of young people move outside of their comfort zone and embrace the challenge.

Each academic year we start with a series focussing on COURAGE and our series for Autumn 2019 is based on a quote from “The Horse and His Boy” by CS Lewis.

There is a scene towards the end of the book where Aslan, the great lion who is the son of the emperor beyond the sea, meets the horse, Bree. Throughout the book, Bree is a rather proud character with an overly inflated view of himself. After failing to live up to his claims, he is dejected and sulky. Aslan calls him to come forward so that he might set the horse to rights. Bree is reluctant and hangs back. Aslan calls him a second time with the words, “Do not dare not to dare.

Often young people (and older ones!) are held back from realising their God-given potential for a host of reasons – fear, excuses, complacency etc. How do we overcome fear? How do we make the most of all the opportunities we have? How do we keep going when things are tough? How do we tackle peer pressure?

Of course there are times when we DON’T want our young people to dare as the risks involved our dangerous but we do want them to be people who take considered risks that lead to learning and growth.

This coming week myself and Mr Randall will be taking Key Stage Assemblies and will begin to look at some of the questions above.

When students are not in assembly, they will be doing some thinking and reflecting with their tutor. At St.Peter’s we have developed a resource called “QT” (Quiet Time, Quality Thinking) for our tutors to use to help our young people consider how they might develop their character.

The first QT of the academic year will focus on our over-arching theme of COURAGE. Jonny Von Wollstrom is an award winning director and producer and in one of his short films he looked at what makes someone brave. To have a look at the video and resources, click here:



Heavenly Father, please help us to be a brave community. A group of people that seek to do good even when no one is looking. Please help us to persevere and to show courage both in and out of the classroom. Amen

God bless and have a great week!

Mr Baker