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January 29th 2018

29 January 2018

Week beginning 29th January

Next week is the final week in our WISDUMB series and we will be focussing on the term – Methodical

Our Character Compass definition:

METHODICALLooking carefully at every part of a challenge, step by step in a logical, considered way.

Key Stage Assemblies on Monday and Tuesday will be led by the cast of the Addams Family and there will be the opportunity later in the week for students to take time and reflect on their reports.

The QT to support our thinking can be found here:


In this QT we look at the Brownlee Brothers (no, not that clip!). To get to the top of their sport they have trained meticulously for many years. Although they are clearly gifted athletes, huge amounts of hard work and effort has gone in along the way.


Heavenly Father, thank you for another day and the opportunity to learn and help others. Please help us to keep going even when we feel like we are making little or no progress. Help us to persevere and not quit when things get boring or tedious.

God bless

Mr Baker