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Monday 10th June

10 June 2019

During this coming week we will be officially launching our final series of the year – “Character Conundrum”. To close this academic year we are going to look at the art of making a difficult decision. In society today, I think we are seeing an increasing number of young people making questionable decisions and getting them to think deeply now may lead to better choices being made in the future.

In QT time students will be thinking and wrestling with a variety of difficult moral problems to support the main theme in Key Stage Assemblies.

It was lovely to hear about some of the comments/discussions you had with your tutor group on the Trolley Problem. One tutor wrote this:

So this morning in my discussions about the train problem, one of my tutees said “Miss, do I have the option of throwing myself in front of the train to save all of them?” followed by another saying “ I couldn’t stand to have on my conscience the death of 5 people or 1 person, so I would have to go myself” I nearly cried!

The QT for this week looks at another problem which involves difficult decisions. Would you dive in? If so, would you do similar for others a long way away? If not, why not? Once again, any comments welcome.

To access the PPT and video, click here:


The prayer from the QT for next week is below:

Heavenly Father, please help us to be people who make wise decisions. Sometimes life can throw complex problems at us, please help us to be thoughtful, generous and kind at every opportunity. Amen

God bless and have a great weekend

Jonny B