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Monday 11th November 2019

10 November 2019

Week beginning 11th November

During the coming week we will continue to focus on COMMUNITY with a particular focus on HUMILITY. CS Lewis once said:

We hope and pray that St.Peter’s is a place that is devoid of arrogance and full of humble people looking out for the needs of others.

As part of this theme we will gather as a whole school on Monday to remember those who have died in wars. Just before 11am we will join together and take the opportunity to pause and reflect as a united body.

Our QT for this week looks at a creative way to help the most vulnerable. Nicholas Marchesi describes himself and Lucas Patchett as “two normal everyday blokes who had a crazy idea“. They had previously volunteered at food vans and other outreach programs while still at school, and had a passion to help the homeless. Their idea “started as a fun test project — to see if it would work. From there, it took a life of its own! Orange Sky Laundry has helped countless people over the last 4 years. Why did they set the company up? Should we look out for the vulnerable? If so, what could we do in this country to make a difference?

To access the video and download the PPT click here:



Thank you for people who are willing to help those in greatest need. Please help us to do likewise. We pray that we will be a school that continues to look out for the most vulnerable in society this coming year.

God bless and have a great week.

Mr Baker