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Monday 25th February

25 February 2019

Week beginning 25th February

We hope and pray that you’ve had a good break and that our young people are a little more equipped for life now and in the future following our series focussing on WISDOM. During this half term we will focus on COMPASSION. One possible definition of compassion is as follows:

Compassion sees the world through the eyes of others, and it is stirred to action by what it sees. It can not sit by while injustice is done around it.

We hope and pray that over the course of the next 6 weeks that our students (and staff) are stirred to action in a series called “Courageous Compassion”. I appreciate that the title slightly muddies the waters in terms of our Character Compass but we want everyone at St.Peter’s to understand that being compassionate is hard and not simply “being quite nice”.

The word compassion comes from the latin word “compassio” which literally means “to suffer with”. Knowing that puts a different perspective on the word and it suddenly becomes much more challenging but equally much more rewarding.

The QT for this week focusses on a gentleman called Chris Rosati. He suffered from motor neurone disease but it didn’t stop him transforming the lives of many people. In the QT there’s a chance to think about the “butterfly effect” and whether Chris was right in thinking it could be applied to kindness. You can find the PPT and video here:



Heavenly Father, make our hearts like yours, always ready to give. Help us to see opportunities to support and care for others. Teach us to be grateful for all the good gifts in our lives and to be generous when giving to others. Amen

God bless and have a good first week back!

Mr Baker