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Monday 27th January 2020

26 January 2020

Week beginning 27th January

Congratulations for making it to the halfway point of this half term! The 3 weeks have flown by and before we know it…it’ll be half term! However there is lots to look forward to before then including our school production of “Bugsy Malone” (more details here – https://www.spexe.org/news/bugsy-malone/)

During this coming week, Key Stage Assemblies will be taken by Gemma Cain from Belmont Chapel and Mr Randall. We will continue to explore the theme of “Streetwise” and think about how we can prepare our young people for the challenges that they may face now and in the future.

The QT this week introduces St.Peter’s to Lucas and Noah Aldrich. Noah tows, pedals, and pushes his younger brother Lucas who suffers from a rare neurological condition in triathlons. They are a remarkable duo! We explore the ideas of teamwork, perseverance and self-sacrifice amongst other things as we see these two young men in action.

To access the video and download the PPT click here:



Heavenly Father, thank you for Lucas who despite great challenges still has the courage to attempt challenges that many wouldn’t dare to face. Thank you also for Noah who puts aside personal glory to help his younger brother. Amen

God bless and have a great week!

Mr Baker