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Monday 4th March 2019

1 March 2019

Week beginning 4th March

During this half term half term we are focussing on COMPASSION and last week in assemblies we launched our series:

We hope and pray that over the course of the next 6 weeks that our students (and staff) are stirred to action in a series called “Courageous Compassion”. Showing compassion is not simply “being nice” it is practical and costly but always worthwhile. It would be wonderful to be able to replace the word “Compassion” and “it” in the following sentence with the names of all members of our school:

Compassion sees the world through the eyes of others, and it is stirred to action by what it sees. It cannot sit by while injustice is done around it.

In the QT for this week we hear an award winning spoken word artist talk about some of the problems in the world. Are they permanent problems or have they come about by a lack of proximity to one another? What would happen if humans got closer to one another? Would it make a difference? It ties in well with the theme of compassion and you can watch the video here:



Heavenly Father, thank you for the many opportunities we will have today to help and support others. Give us the courage to get close enough to others so that we can make a real difference. Help us to support those who find life tough. Amen

God bless

Mr Baker