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November 26th 2018

23 November 2018

Week beginning 26th November

Many thanks again for your support with the Shoebox Appeal. We actually managed to get 50 boxes together by the time they had all come in – great effort everyone!

Key Stage Assemblies will be led by Jon Hancock and James Grier next week and they will be picking up the theme of FORGIVENESS from the Community quadrant of our Compass.

The QT for next week goes back to 2009 when Liverpool Street Station came to a stand still one morning as T-Mobile created a huge flash mob under the slogan “Life’s for sharing”. There is also the opportunity to share the incredible Chilean Miners Rescue story from 2010 (how time flies!!!) which became a film in 2015. You can find the QT here:



Heavenly Father, working together is incredibly important and powerful. Help us to work with other people and work well with them. Please help us to find people who need a little love, care and joy. Give us eyes to see those in need within our community and the courage and creativity to do something about it. Amen

God bless and have a great week

Mr Baker