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Week beginning 17th June

17 June 2019

Week beginning 17th June

During this coming week we will be continuing our series – “Character Conundrum”. James Grier from Unlimited Church and members of Trinity Church will be leading our Key Stage Assemblies.

In QT time students will continue to think and wrestle with difficult moral problems. We will be looking at a development of the lifeboat problem that we undertook previously. The concept is the same – 13 survivors and only 8 spaces on the lifeboat… Who gets a place on the boat? However this time we have fleshed out a little more information on the characters. Does the extra information effect our decision making? Should the information make a difference? Hopefully our students will learn a little more about wisdom, generosity, thoughtfulness and compassion during this task.


Father please help us to be people who are wise and not simply knowledgeable. Help us to make good and positive choices both in and out of school that are well thought through and bring hope and joy into the lives of others. Amen

God bless and have a great weekend

Mr Baker