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Uniform Checklist

Essential Items

Essential Items

A waterproof bag/rucksack, preferably with two shoulder straps and large enough to hold an A4 folder (small bags and handbags are not permitted)

A warm waterproof jacket for the winter

Two pencils and a sharpener

Two pens (black or blue ink)

Geometry set

Ruler and eraser

Coloured pencils

A reading book

PE kit as required

Technology aprons as required

Scientific calculator

“Franklin” Spell Checker (or similar) for anyone who may need help with spelling

These items must NOT be brought into school:

Scooters, skateboards, mobile phones, tablets, Tippex, laser pens, personal CDs/personal stereos/mp3 players or chewing gum, under any circumstances.

Students should not have the following in their possession under any circumstances:

Cigarettes, vapes, matches, lighters, alcohol, aerosol cans, illegal substances, knives of any kind.

Personal possessions

All students should mark their name on their uniform and equipment clearly.
Any lost unmarked items which remain unclaimed go into the stock of the St Peter’s Association second-hand uniform shop, for sale. The PTA organises the return of lost property which is on display each Friday before half term and end of term. Please remind your child to have a look on those days if they have lost anything as after a certain time anything not collected is given to charity. Please also remember to put their names on all property as it makes life much easier!

PE Uniform

PE Uniform

PE Uniform Group Example

You must wear:


• St Peter’s new style maroon polo shirt and St Peter’s new style black sport shorts

• You may wear plain black tracksuit trousers when appropriate or the new style St Peter’s tracksuit trousers

• Trainers with non-marking soles and sport socks


• St Peter’s new style maroon polo shirt or the St Peter’s new style rugby top depending on the sport you are playing.
The St Peter’s micro fleece may be worn over the top of the polo shirt for non contact sports.
You must wear the reversible rugby shirt for all rugby lessons

• St Peter’s new style black sports shorts. No other type of shorts are acceptable.

• You may wear plain black tracksuit trousers when appropriate or the St Peter’s tracksuit trousers. No other type of tracksuit trousers are acceptable.

• You may wear a plain black base layer compression top under your PE shirt.

• You may wear plain black sport leggings however they can only be worn underneath the new style black St Peter’s shorts. You may not wear just the leggings on their own.

• Football/rugby boots when appropriate. You must wear these for rugby lessons and football lessons on the field.

• St Peter’s new style maroon long socks

• Shin pads are compulsory for all football and hockey lessons and extra-curricular matches

• Mouthguards are compulsory for all rugby and hockey lessons and extra-curricular matches

Boy and Girls

PE Uniform Example• You must NOT wear jewellery or watches during PE lessons. Your nails must be kept short so as not to injure other people during PE lessons.

• Money, ear studs, watches etc. may be handed in to staff to look after during PE lessons

• You should bring a towel if you wish to use the showers after your PE lesson or extra curricular Club

Please clearly name all items of your sports kit to ensure that you get them back if they become lost.

When wearing the new style St. Peter’s black sport shorts, they must be loose fitting and not skin tight

If you have forgotten to bring any item of your PE kit to the lesson, please inform you PE teacher immediately.





Kit Policy

If any student is injured or is too ill to fully participate in the lesson parents should write a note to the student’s PE teacher explaining the reason for not participating. However they should still bring and wear correct PE kit to this lesson. Although they may not be able to fully participate practically in the lesson, we require them to be smartly dressed in correct PE kit so they are ready to be involved in a non-practical way such as coaching or refereeing.

Thomas Moore

St Peter’s PE uniform can be purchased from Thomas Moore either in store or online 

Thomas Moore, Fore Street, Exeter, EX4 3JB





School Uniform

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