Learning Platforms

At St Peter's we use various learning platforms which offer parental engagement tools. This page explains what these systems do, why we use them and offers advice on how to get started using them.

If you do need any assistance getting set up with any of the systems below, please do get in touch via our email us page and choose 'IT Support'.

Please note: all these systems require your contact details to match those held by the school. If you need to make a change to your details please contact us so we can update your details.


Class Charts for Parents

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Class Charts (not to be confused with Google Classroom) is an online system which teachers use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school day. One of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we are able to securely share your child(s) achievement, and behaviour report with you and so keep you up to date in real-time.

Class Charts is used to share information with parents and carers including:

  • Achievement Points
  • Behaviour Points
  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Homework

You will be able to use Class Charts to keep track of your child's achievements, access behaviour reports, view assigned homework tasks and track scheduled detentions.

If you have more than one child at the school you can use the same parent account to view achievement data for all your children.

Class Charts for parents can be accessed via the website, or iOS and Android apps.

Parent Code

You should have received a 'Parent Code' from school, which will look similar to the example code shown below:


This code is used to set up your parent account. If you have not yet received your code please contact your childs tutor or email IT Support. (Please include the name of the student who's code you need.)

Creating a Class Charts Parent Account

Creating an account via the app

If you click the 'Sign Up' tab within the app you will be presented with an account creation form. Simply fill in the form and enter your Parent Code in the access code field. Clicking 'Sign Up' will log you into the account.

Please note: Your access code is not the same as your password, the access code is only required for the initial sign up.

Creating an account via the website

To create an account via the website, select the 'I don’t have an account yet' option. This will bring up additional form options. Simply fill in the form and enter your parent code in the “access code” field.

Please note: your access code is not the same as your password. The access code is only needed for the initial sign up.

Logging in to the Class Charts Parent App

When you tap the parent app icon on your device, you will be presented with the Class Charts login screen.

Simply enter the email address and password you used when creating your Class Charts account and you will be able to log back in.

If you cannot remember your password you can click on the forgot password link to receive a password reset email.

Logging in to the Class Charts Website

To log back into your Class Charts account, first ensure that you have selected the parent option.

Next, select the 'I already have an account' option and enter your login details.

If you cannot remember your password you can click on forgot password to reset it.

Any Problems?

If you are unable to get going with Class Charts, please get in touch with our IT Support team who can advise you further.

School Gateway

School Gateway

As part of our strategy for improving how we communicate with parents we are now using ‘School Gateway’, which is a parent portal available via an app or online.

Schoolgateway websitebanner02

This will enable you to receive all your information from school quickly in the form of emails to your inbox and short text messages directly to your mobile phone.

The free smartphone app will give parents instant access to the following information about their child via phone or the internet. All messages sent to parents through the app are free, so will help the school to save money which can be prioritised to other needs.

What information can I see in School Gateway?

  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Reports
  • Payment for clubs / meals / resources
  • Newsletters
  • Information on school events/trips
  • Instant alerts for school closures (e.g. snow days etc)

How do I get started?

Please download the free app to your phone.

The set-up process is simple and will take no more than a couple of minutes:

  1. Search for “School Gateway” in the Apple App Store/Google Play or on your phone use these links to go to App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (Android)
  2. Install the app and when you are asked then say yes to “Allow Push Notifications”
  3. When you launch School Gateway for the first time, please select ‘New User’ and enter the email address and mobile telephone number you have registered with the school. It is important to use the same mobile phone number and email account already on record with the school. If you change your contact details please let us know as soon as possible.
  4. The system will send a PIN code to your phone; please enter this PIN code and the app will be activated for you.
  5. As soon as you’ve got the system set-up, all of the text messages we send you will appear in the app; you’ll receive notifications/alerts as normal. Please don’t use the logout option – doing this will prevent messages from reaching you! To avoid this scenario, just exit the app using your ‘home’ or similar button.

Technical Requirements

The free, smartphone app for parents is now available for download called ‘School Gateway’ for Apple (requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 2.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Android (5.0 and up) devices.

I can’t register or login

It is important to use the same mobile phone number and email account already on record with the school. If you’ve recently changed your email address or mobile telephone number, please let us know by emailing datateam@spexe.org so we can update our records.

I don’t have access to a Smart Phone

If you don’t have access to a smart phone, you can still access school gateway on a laptop or tablet:

Visit School Gateway

I'm not receiving email from the school

Occasionally emails from school may end up in your spam or junk mail folders instead of your inbox. This is not only an inconvenience for you if you do not receive important information, but can also cause our email system to disable your address, which can cause issues with online payments as well as contact with the school. 

Please note that when you receive an email from the School messaging system, the email address that you will see (and may therefore need to add as a safe sender) is: SC8784607a@schoolcomms.com

Here are some instructions about how to add addresses to the safe sender list or contacts list for some of the more commonly used email programs.
Outlook/Hotmail/MSNAOLYahoo MailGmail or GooglemailApple/iCloudTiscali/TalkTalk (scroll down to ‘Setting up filter rules’ section)
BT Internet/MailSky

We hope you enjoy using School Gateway and thank you for your support.

Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning


You may be aware that we’re using Seneca Learning to support our students’ digital learning. 

Seneca offers high-quality free online learning courses for students to study from a computer, tablet or phone. 

Seneca also provides free parent accounts. Their free parent accounts allow you to track your child’s learning and help make conversations about school and learning easier. 

Seneca’s parent accounts also allow you to learn alongside your child if you wish to do so. This might be helpful in supporting you to work with your child on areas of their school work that you are less familiar with.

You can sign up for a free Seneca parent account here:

​app.senecalearning.com/parentSeneca have made this handy 2 minute video to help you get started or you can read how to get your free account if you’d prefer. 

If you have any questions about how Seneca works, you can get support direct from the Seneca team using the live chat on their website or you can email them at learnmore@seneca.io.

We hope you find Seneca’s free parent account useful!

SIMS Parent

SIMS Parent

SIMS Parent Header Oct 2020 2048x920

We primarily use SIMS parent to allow you to update your contact details and also other details for your child / children such as medical information or consent.

You can access the system from a smartphone, tablet or PC – anytime, anywhere.

What will you find in the SIMS Parent app:

  • Access to update your contact details, so we always have the most up-to-date information in case of emergency
  • Update medical information
  • Give or remove consent
  • If you have more than one child at school, you’ll have access to information for all your children, from the same app.

Getting started with the SIMS Parent app

  • We will send you an activation email, simply click on the link from your tablet, PC or smartphone to activate your account.
  • You can then register using your own details via Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft.

    Important: Please DO NOT enter your email address on the registration page - click the 'Register with an external account' button instead.
  • From your smartphone or tablet, download the app from the Google Play or Apple App store – search for ‘SIMS Parent.’

From a computer or tablet you can also login online at:

SIMS ParentIn order for you to receive an invitation to join the SIMS Parent app, we must have your email address. Please check your junk folder before contacting us. If you would like to confirm your email address with us please get in touch using our 'email us' page and chosing 'Data Team'.

Parents Evening Bookings

Parents Evening Booking System

Parents evening system

St Peter's has an easy to use online appointment booking system. This allows you to choose your own appointment times. Bookings can be amended up until midday of the Parents' Evening or event.

A user guide on how to book appointments can be downloaded from here. 
A user guide for using video based appointments can be downloaded from here.

For details on upcoming parents’ evenings please see the school calendar.

You can access the system to book your appointments using the link below:

Parents Evening Booking System