Travel to School

As part of our school Travel Plan we encourage students to walk, cycle or use public transport as far as possible. Please note the following:


For safety reasons please DO NOT drive onto the school site to drop-off or collect students at the beginning or end of the school day.


Students travelling on public buses, or the special school buses to and from school, are expected to behave properly at all times.  School bus timetables will be available at the Parents Open Evening. Further information on buses may also be obtained from Stagecoach (01392 427711)


Students travelling on trains to and from school, are expected to behave properly at all times.  Trains from Exeter Central and Exmouth stop at Digby and Sowton Station, which is approximately 10 minutes walk from the school.


Please note that if you wish your child to come to school on a bicycle, it is your responsibility to insure the cycle, check it is roadworthy at all times, and ensure that a helmet is always worn.  Students who cycle to school are expected to behave properly at all times and to cycle in a safe and sensible manner. Bikes should not be ridden on the school site at any time.  There is a bike shed at the school where bikes should be locked. This is locked up during the school day, however, the school cannot accept responsibility for any loss, or damage to bikes which are stored there.