School Charity

St Peter’s has entered an exciting new partnership with Edukid!

Edukid is a Christian UK registered charity that helps to remove the barriers to education faced by children living in poverty and conflict.

In the territories that are supported, Edukid avoids imposing ‘western ideals’ by partnering with local people and organisations, helping them to develop projects born out of their deeper cultural understanding of what is needed and likely to be effective.

Edukid have teams of people who partner with them to make sure that the funding goes to the right people and places.


In addition to this we will also continue to support national projects such as Red Nose Day.

We are aiming to raise £3000 a year to help 10 young people get an education that they might otherwise miss out on.

Meet Cynthia, Emmanuel, Flavia, Franka, Geoffrey, Immaculate, Lawrence, Peter, Richard & Angel!

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