Ofsted good gp colour

I am pleased to now be able to share with you our recent OFSTED report. We were inspected under a new tougher framework that was introduced in September 2019.

Thank you to all of you who were able to provide feedback. I must also thank you for the way in which your children, our students, conducted themselves during the inspection. Students were their usual polite and considerate selves, shared strengths of how their leadership is improving St. Peter’s and I gather spoke very perceptively in a wide range of meetings with inspectors.

As Headteacher I am pleased that the OFSTED inspection team recognised the breadth and depth of many strengths of St. Peter’s. Interviews with students, support staff, teachers, middle leaders, senior leaders and governors found that St. Peter’s is a thinking school that is a very good place to learn and work.

Planning for academic success was rigorously examined and the hard and creative work of senior and middle leaders was praised. The school’s ethos and pastoral care was also identified as a strength, linking to The St. Peter’s Character Compass, inspectors observed that St. Peter’s is a place of redemption as a result of its focus on compassion.

The inspectors confirmed that we are a self-improving school, who use our resources well, identify areas for improvement successfully and implement appropriate improvement strategies. We will of course use the inspection as a learning opportunity and continue to strive to improve both the curriculum and extra-curricular provision that we provide.

For the new style full report please see the enclosed attachment.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Yours sincerely
Phil Randall Headteacher