Transition from Year 6

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

The transition from primary to secondary school at the end of Year 6 is probably one of the most important events in most young people’s lives. We try our best to make the move as smooth and problem free as possible. The transition process is overseen by the Curriculum Transition Leads, the Head of Year 7 and our Assistant Headteacher: SENDCO.

  • Visits to Primary Schools – once the school places for the next academic year have been officially allocated, staff visit all primary schools who send 3 or more students to St Peter’s.  Meetings with Year 6 teachers and SENDCOs take place in order to gather a range of important data about the students.  Data about students who are coming from a school on their own or with just one other child, is gathered by email or telephone.
  • Additional Visits and Transition Work – We realise how hard it can be for the children who are coming to St Peter’s on their own or with just one other student from their primary school. We offer them the opportunity to come into St Peter’s for an extra day, so that they can tour the school, meet some key staff, take part in sample lessons and ask all those important questions. We often find that not only does it put their minds at rest, it can also help them to make new friends and we can then try to place these students together in the same tutor group. Some vulnerable students also benefit from additional visits to St Peter’s and support from our SEND team.
  • New Year 7 Parents Evening– On Wednesday 5th July we invite the parents of the new Year 7 students to a parents evening at St. Peter’s. This is the first opportunity for them to find out who their child’s tutor will be and to meet the Head of Year.
  • New Year 7 Taster days – On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of July students across Exeter spend two days in their new secondary school. They meet their tutor and Head of Year, spend some time with their tutor and tutor group and take part in sample lessons. These are really important days for the students; an opportunity to meet new people, find their way around the school and experience break and lunchtimes.
  • Start in September –On the first day in September the new Year 7 students start school at 8.30am.
  • Escot Trip– In early September, to help students settle in and make new friends, each tutor group spends a day at Escot Park, near Ottery St Mary. A fabulous opportunity to have some fun, take part in team building activities, challenge themselves and get very very muddy!
  • Cycling to St Peter's - Miss Sinden has made some excellent videos on how you can cycle safely to and from St Peter's. Click here to have a look.
  • Watch the ICE Team Introduction video





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