Global Dimensions

At St Peter’s we have worked over many years to develop an international dimension to learning. There are regular student exchanges with schools in France and Germany, and we have a partner school in Malawi, which a group of students visits each year.

Year 7 students enjoy an international-themed Deep Learning Day and we celebrate European Day of Languages each year. In addition, in the spring term, all Year 7 students either go on a week long residential visit to Normandy, in northern France or  take part in an International Week in school.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in work experience abroad, or to host foreign students visiting our school enabling them to share ideas about international cultures.

In addition, students in Year 10 are offered the chance to go on a residential visit. They can learn to surf in Cornwall, take part in watersports in southern France, visit London, cycle across Holland, enjoy the sights of Liverpool and the north-west, take part in the Malawi Expedition or visit Paris.

Our annual Africa Week has been a key feature of  school calendar for almost a decade and is now an integral part of the six week CPSHE Project which runs in the summer term. Previous Africa Weeks have seen students learning to play African drums, creating praise poetry, learning about the role of African soldiers in WW1 and producing fabulous African art, to name but a few of the amazing activities on offer.

One of the most impressive events of Africa Week 2012 was the fundraising African Dinner which was cooked by our catering students and served to over 100 people in the pop-up restaurant they created in the main school hall.

In 2012 Students at St Peter’s raised over £1200 to buy mosquito nets for families living in Chimbya village, in rural Malawi,  who have children under 5 years old. The CPSHE project challenged the students to “make a difference” – they learnt about the everyday challenges facing many people living in the poorest countries in Africa and focused in particular on Malaria. Malaria is one of the biggest killers of children under 5 and pregnant women, in sub-Saharan Africa, yet it is so easily prevented by sleeping under a mosquito net. We were fortunate to get part match funding from “Sana Superette” a local wholesaler in Malawi, which meant that we were able to distribute nets to more then 250 families in and around Chimbya.