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At St.Peter’s, the Chaplaincy Team seek to help enable “life to the full for everyone”.

As a school, we educate for wisdom, courage and compassion so that our community flourishes.

Chaplaincy plays a key role in ENABLING FLOURISHING. Whilst not everything can or needs to be evaluated for impact, here are some of the things we aim to achieve:

  • Help young people understand who they are, why they are here and how they want to live
  • Support our staff – “without flourishing adults, there will be no flourishing students…”
  • Introduce our school community to Jesus and support those who already know Him (2 Peter 3:18)
  • Provide safe spaces for people to think, process and reflect
  • Put a spotlight on current affairs and issues of the day
  • Be a constant and consistent presence in the ups and downs of life
  • Bring a little joy, light, happiness and hope in a challenging world

If we were to write a pledge or mission statement, it might look like this:

We want people to know that this is a place where they are listened to, seen, wanted and welcomed.
We want people to know that we are there and we see them, in their greatest and lowest moments.
We want to introduce all people to Jesus and pray for encounters with him.
We want to prepare young people for the world by inspiring them to be people of wisdom courage, and compassion valuing community.
We want people to understand and embrace the gifts that God has given them and use them in service of others.
We want to bring joy, hope and light, to places of sadness, apathy and darkness.
And we want to walk alongside our school community in all of this.

Inevitably we will get things wrong along the way but, with the help of Jesus, we pray that all will flourish at St Peter's.

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”


Chaplaincy Team

We are very thankfulto have the support of our Honorary Chaplains and Guest Speakers that work alongside the in-school chaplaincy team to help provide collective worship within Key Stage, Year Group Assemblies and Tutor Time.  The Honorary Chaplains and guest speakers come from Churches in the local area who kindly give their time to support the work that we do at St Peter’s.

Chaplaincy Infographic [Who we are]Chaplaincy Infographic [what we do]

Collective Worship

Collective Worship at St Peter’s take place each morning before lessons begin.  All students attend two assemblies each week in the main school hall, one year group assembly and a Collective time of Worship in tutor time on the other two days. All of our Collective Worship seeks to be “inclusive, invitational, inspiring” in line with Church of England guidelines.


Assemblies in the main hall are led by Jonny Baker and Gemma Cain, with regular contributions from guest speakers and the Senior Leadership Team.

During this time, students spend time each week reflecting on the St Peter’s Character Compass, learning about Jesus and the world around us.

FearLess Respect Wise or Otherwise A Better Story

Tutor time

QT logo

Quiet Time | Quality Thinking

QT (Quiet Time, Quality Thinking) gives our students the opportunity to think more deeply about the world around them. Focusing on a story, event or person, a QT aims to help our students reflect on topical issues and provides space to grow spiritually and develop character. Based on a section of the Character Compass, each QT includes a video, some questions to ponder, a moment of reflection and a prayer.

2MT Design 1

2-Minute Tutorials

2MTs (2 Minute Tutorials) are a short ‘Thought for the Day’ that provide students with a moment to pause and reflect before lessons commence. Each 2MT is anchored in the Bible and gives students a chance to think about a wide range of subjects. Our 2MTs are based around the Character Compass seeking to help each other grow in wisdom, courage, compassion and to become more community-minded.

Parents’ Prayer Group

We also appreciate the support of our Parents’ Prayer Group. The partnership between parents and the in-school chaplaincy team enables a chance to give thanks and pray for the various things happening in school life. The meeting happens once every half term and runs for about an hour. Any parent who wishes to pray for the school are welcome to come. We also run a Parents’ Prayer WhatsApp, where regular prayer requests from the in-school chaplaincy team are posted regularly.  Please contact if you would like any more information about the prayer group or if you wish to be added to the WhatsApp group.

Prayer Diary

As a school we have compiled a prayer diary that enables people to pray for an aspect of school life every day of the month. You can find a digital copy of the Prayer Diary here or if you would like a physical copy, please email

School Prayer

Father, in St. Peter you have shown us how you transform ordinary people and make them special.

Make us like him: rock-like in our faith, courageous in our love and willing to risk all for Christ.

Through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord.