GCSE Exams - Autumn Series


News - 7th Sep 2020

The government have now confirmed the arrangements for the Autumn series of GCSE examinations.

If you would like to take a GCSE in English or mathematics this will be administered by the College or 6th form you are currently on roll with and therefore please liaise with them.  You will need to make them aware that you studied AQA for English language and literature and Edexcel/Pearson for mathematics.  They will be able to enter you for these boards.

If you would like to take a GCSE in any other subject in order to improve your grade, please contact Mrs J Clinch by email jacqueline.clinch@spexe.org indicating which GCSEs you would like to sit.  If you wish to take any subjects that are tiered i.e. foundation or higher, you will have to sit the GCSE you were originally entered for and cannot be entered for a different tier.

There will be no cost involved for you as the government is funding any additional cost to St Peter’s.

If you take this opportunity, the higher grade of your Summer result and the result you receive the Autumn series will count.

Please let Mrs Clinch know by Friday 11 September if you would like to sit a GCSE in the Autumn series.