School Building Closed - Monday 19th July


News - 18th Jul 2021

Dear everyone

I like a joke and those of you who know me well know that I’ve been known to do a few quite big wind ups in my time but I promise you the following is true.

The school site will be closed on Monday 19 July due to flooding in the girls changing rooms and PE area.  This has been caused by a leaking pipe, resulting in significant damage and the associated pipe work will not be mended until during Monday 19 July at the earliest.

As a result of the work that needs to be carried out there will be no water at all on site on Monday 19 July and we have been told by the owners of the buildings that we are therefore not able to open on Monday 19 July.  Devon County Council are aware of the situation and agree that the school cannot be open until the matter is resolved. 

We do anticipate being fully open on site on Tuesday 20 July.  Unless we communicate with you otherwise or via social media please assume this will be the case.

Therefore all lessons on Monday 19 July  will be remote, following the guidelines attached.  Any purchases through Aspens canteen will be refunded.

Once again I am incredibly privileged to be part of such a committed, thoughtful, solution focused staff team who are also able to laugh in the face of adversity.

Best wishes


Phil Randall