Open Evening

Year 6 Open Day, Evening and Coffee Mornings
Wednesday 21st September 2022

We are delighted to welcome you to our open day & open evening events.
We trust that the open day and evening event will provide you the opportunity to make wise, well informed decisions about the best school for your child(ren).

There will be opportunities to meet staff and students and get a sense of what it is to be a member of our distinctive St. Peter’s community. As well as seeing learning in action, there will the chance to chat with staff and students about St. Peter’s.

Times and Dates:

Wednesday 21st September 2022
Open Day Tours 9.30am and 11.40am
Open Evening 5.45pm – 8.15pm

If you are unable to make the 21st September, please joins us for one of our Coffee Mornings:

Monday 26th October 9.30am – 10.30am
Monday 4th October 9.30am – 10.30am
Tuesday 12th October 9.30am – 10.30am

Staff and students look forward to seeing you and helping you understand a little bit more of what it is to be part of the St. Peter’s family as we seek to live our vision and mission statements every day.

Life to the full for everyone
Developing character and bringing HOPE through:
Wisdom • Courage • Compassion • Community

Yours faithfully

Phil Randall

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Open Day Welcome Video



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SIAMS Quotes

  • “The attainment and progress of all is closely monitored and effective individualised support is in place for the more vulnerable”. (SIAMS 2019)
  • “a range of values are exceptionally well developed across the curriculum” (SIAMS 2019)
  • “Along with the inspirational leadership of the Headteacher, Chaplain, Senior Leaders and Governors have a shared understanding of the vision and use it as a touchstone when making decisions and setting priorities”. (SIAMS 2019)
  • “The Christian vision and its associated principles successfully energise all aspects of the school’s life in exemplary ways.  Through them staff and pupils positively work together to flourish”. (SIAMS 2019)
  • “The wellbeing of staff, pupils and families is taken seriously through compassionate and practical pastoral support.  Pupils themselves take a role in supporting their peers”. (SIAMS 2019)
  • “Personal responsibility is given an extremely high priority.  This is admirably expressed through pupils taking responsibility for themselves and others inside and outside of school”. (SIAMS 2019)
  • “The quality of work around the Character Compass and its influence on pupil’s personal and academic development is a genuine strength of the school”. (SIAMS 2019)
  • “Collective worship is central to school life through which pupils are successfully helped to consider the relevance of biblical teaching to life today, this encourages them to act positively in the service of others”. (SIAMS 2019)


  • “St. Peter’s provides pupils with a good education that prepares them for life beyond school”.   (OFSTED 2019)
  • “The school is a calm, harmonious place where pupils enjoy learning.”  (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are strong.  Pupils state that bullying is very rare, but when it happens, staff resolve it quickly.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Pupils have good relationships with staff.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe both physically and mentally.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Pupils have high aspirations.  They pay attention in class and work hard.  Pupils also relish the opportunities to develop other skills such as leadership and fund-raising.  The school’s ‘character compass’ supports the development of pupils as future citizens very well.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “One parent’s view reflected the views of many, when they stated that ‘staff focus on the “whole person” without losing sight of the academic.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Leaders have planned the curriculum carefully to ensure that pupils develop socially, emotionally and academically.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Staff have planned well what pupils learn and how they learn.  Teachers build pupils knowledge well.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Leaders have created a thinking school.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Leaders have established a strong programme to continually improve the quality of education at the school.” (OFSTED 2019)
  • “Staff overwhelmingly state that leaders provide effective support.  They are proud to work at the school.” (OFSTED 2019)