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Who is Eligible?

All children living in and around Exeter and other areas are eligible for admission. It is not necessary to live within a specific area of Exeter or attend a specific school. Our criteria is based on the following:

  • Foundation Places for those who attend a Church of England church
  • Other Christian Church Places for those who attend other churches
  • Other Faiths for those of other faiths who attend appropriate places of worship
  • Open Places for all other applicants

How do I Apply to St Peter’s?

1. ALL APPLICANTS MUST – Inform the Local Authority (LA) – Please ensure you have completed the Local Authority Common Application Form (for Devon residents the D-CAF3) either online or on a paper form and returned that form to them by the closing date of 31st October 2019. If you already have a child attending St Peter’s or you are applying for admission for a child who has a parent who is a member of staff at St Peter’s please ensure that you indicate this on the Common Application Form together with any other relevant information to support the application

2.If you wish to apply for Foundation, Other Christian Church or Other Faith place, please complete the St Peter’s Supplementary Information Form 2020-2021

  • PART ONE to be completed by the parent/carer and returned directly to St Peter’s by 31st October 2019.
  • PART TWO – parent/carer, please complete your details and your child’s details at the beginning of Part Two, then send to your chosen Minister or Faith Leader for completion and return to St Peter’s by 31st October 2019, please provide them with a stamped addressed envelope.

PLEASE NOTE both Part ONE and Part TWO must be received at St Peter’s by the 31st October 2019 for us to consider these places.

In-Year Admissions

For all in-year admissions please inform the Local Authority and they will contact the school with the admission request.  If your request is for a Foundation/Other Christian Church or Other Faith application please complete the Supplementary Information form which is available below and return this form directly to St Peter’s.

2020 St Peters Exeter Admissions Arrangements

Supplementary Information Form 2020-2021

2019 St Peters Aided School admissions policy

Supplementary Information Form 2019-20

St Peters Exeter Admissions Arrangements 2018 – 2019

Supplementary Information Form 2018-2019.

2021 – 2022 St Peters Exeter Admissions Arrangements DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION