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Who is Eligible?

All children living in and around Exeter are eligible for admission. It is not necessary to live within a specific area of Exeter or attend a specific school. You will see on our Supplementary Information Form 19-20

1) – Foundation Places for those who attend a Church of England church
2) – Other Christian Church Places for those who attend other churches
3) – Other Faiths for those of other faiths who attend appropriate places of worship
4) – Open Places for all other applicants

How do I Apply to St Peter’s?

1. Inform the Local Authority (LA) that you wish to apply to St Peter’s For the annual September transfer process, you will need to apply to the LA either online or by filling in their application form, which is part of the booklet “The Next Step”. This booklet is available online or from your current Primary school. Please remember that you can express up to three preferences of secondary school on this form.

2. Inform St Peter’s directly that you wish to apply here.  For all applications, please read the St Peter’s Supplementary Information Form 19-20 complete the form fully AND RETURN IT DIRECTLY TO ST PETER’S by the stated closing date. This form is very important to us, so that we can take all relevant information into account when considering applications.

3. For Foundation, Other Christian Church and Other Faith applications Send Part 2 of the St Peter’s Supplementary Information Form 19-20 to your chosen Minister or Faith Leader for completion and return to St Peter’s.

In-Year Admissions

For all in-year admissions please inform the Local Authority and they will contact the school with the admission request.  If your request is for a Foundation/Other Christian Church or Other Faith application please complete the Supplementary Information form which is available below and return this form directly to St Peter’s.

2020 St Peters Exeter Admissions Arrangements

Supplementary Information Form 2020-2021

St Peter’s Admissions policy 2019-20 with updated SIF

Supplementary Information Form 2019-20

St Peters Exeter Admissions Arrangements 2018 – 2019

Supplementary Information Form 2018-2019.