Careers and Guidance Key Stage 3

The careers programme in Key Stage 3 is designed to:

  • encourage students to recognise the qualities and skills needed for employability
  • encourage students to take part in ‘Take Your Child to Work’ days and explain how they have benefited as a learner from this career and work related activity.
  • make students better informed about different organisations and career paths
  • help students to discover how to access impartial careers information, advice and guidance.


  • Raises aspirations
  • Raises achievement, especially for socially disadvantaged children
  • Raises awareness

National Careers Service

Year 7

Careers is taught as part of the school’s VIP program – Values in Practice.  In Year 7 students will study the following within the VIP programme.

Introduction to Career PilotY7:    

Using Careerpilot to research jobs and careers from age 11 – 25

Work and Wages – Students identify different types of work and what the law says about students working;

Overcoming Barriers – Students identify work and gender stereotypes and overcoming bias / gender stereotyping in the workplace;

Skills Audit for Careers – Students updating their own Skills Audit / Personal Record of Achievement.

Tutor Time Talks – employers who are also parents.

‘What makes me TICK questionnaire?’

Year 8

Careers is taught as part of the schools VIP – Values in Practice – program and through tutorials.

In Year 8 students learn about the following areas of careers and employability skills:

Professional Skills and Careers Development – Students identifying and developing skills for the workplace;

Barclays Life skills Programme.

Thinking about Options – in the Autumn Term – Assemblies and Tutor Time

In support of the Options Evening, each Year 8 student and their parent/guardian will have a one to one interview with a member of SLT as part of the Guided Options   Programme.  All SEN, Pupil Premium and other disadvantaged students will have had the opportunity for at least one interview with the Independent Careers Advisor and Head of Careers.

Students update their Skills Audit on Career Pilot:

Take Your Child to Work DayThe Gatsby Benchmarks form the cornerstone of our Careers Programme – this day will support:   

On each of the ‘non pupil days’ we encourage students to spend the day at work with a parent or close family member.  For reasons of health and safety, students will be limited in what they can do; the basis of the day should be shadowing and observing, rather than active participation in an unknown role. ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ is not compulsory. However, it is an excellent way for parents to play a part in their child’s career related learning and we hope that as many students as possible are able to participate.