Ho Ho Ho - we saw some snow!

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News - 10th Dec 2022

Well what a festive treat our Ten Tors candidates enjoyed up on the cold northern moor this weekend where we were blessed to witness some of the most spectacular views of Dartmoor. Now admittedly glorious views never come without a little bit of hardship which in our case was some bitterly cold winds and low visibility at times. Despite the foggy chill our trainee navigators were able to successfully lead the teams though their checkpoints with either little or no guidance from staff. On our walk we stumbled across a lonely little Christmas tree, there was some snow angel making and of course the obligatory snowballs were also thrown, too many to count!

A truly unforgettable walk that was enjoyed by all. We‘ll now rest up for Christmas and will look forward to training early in the New Year.

Best festive wishes, The Ten Tors Staff.