Online Safety


News - 10th Mar 2020

Online-Safety-Letter-to-Parents-Carers-March-2020.pdfDear Parents and Carers

Keeping Students and Families Safe

 I would value you making use of the attached linked information.

As a Headteacher I come into contact with a wide range of information, from a number of other schools and external agencies including social services and the Police.

In recent weeks discussions have taken place about how students can become involved in potentially dangerous and inappropriate online behaviour.  As professionals we all share concerns that I am sure you will want to feel secure with regarding safety online.

At St Peter’s we will continue to promote safe use of computers, phones and social media through lessons, tutorials, assemblies and acts of worship.

I trust that the attached links below will support you having discussions and support you in making informed decisions about keeping your children and families safe.


Yours sincerely

Phil Randall