Virtual Work Experience


News - 11th Nov 2020

The pandemic has made us very aware that finding work experience for pupils will become harder than ever. However, we still strongly believe that interaction with industry professionals is a vital part of a young person’s development, not only in terms of career knowledge and motivation to achieve good grades, but also in terms of personal growth and maturity.

This new programme is totally online and available 24-7 

We are aware that year 11 missed out on work experience last year and so both year 10 (In the summer term) & year 11 (From November) will have access to this package.

You can see an example here - this package currently has over 80 careers and more are being added soon.

Once logged in, they go to the Career Categories page where there are over eighty videos under themed headings.  Please go to to see an example.

  • After watching the video or videos of their choice, pupils have access to three linked websites containing further information related to that career.  They must check out all three links as they will need this information to complete the subsequent tasks.
  • They then download a Virtual WEX Worksheet which asks for feedback on the video(s) and asks them to answer questions to ensure that they have completed the research and fully understand the qualifications and skills that are required for that role.
  • Pupils then move to the right-hand column to work through the rest of the programme.