Student of the Month – April 2021

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News - 30th Apr 2021

Congratulations to the following individuals whohave been nominated by subjects as

Student of the Month – April 2021:

Otto S 7BJF - Science

Jack D 7CSH - English

Esther K 7CSH - English

Anna P 7JMM - Music

Jack H 7LEK - Music

Olivia D 7VEO - Working hard

The following students have shown excellent effort and contribution to music lessons:

Huw B 7CRG

Monty E 7CRG

Veronica J 7CRG

Vince R 7CSH

Arthur M 7CSH

Molly S 7CSH

Nathan B 7BJF

Finn M 7BJF

Guy W 7BJF

Jessica U 7BJF

Evie B 7VEO

Benji M 7VEO

Charlie L-B 7CRG

Ben F 7CSH

Bernice K 7CSH

Milly M 8GRM for her resilience 

Elizabeth E 8SMS - Maths

The following year 10 students have been committed to regular practice and working hard towards solo performance:

Christienne C

Sandy M

Alexander P

Lottie M

Leon J

Tom D

Poppy L

Anais P

Harvey C 11 KST - English

Cody W 11CAS - Working hard

Freddie S 11HEB - Working hard

Libby D 11LJH - English

Finn G 11LJH – Working hard