Outstanding Resilience and Hard Work


News - 12th Aug 2021

St. Peter’s Students – Outstanding Resilience and Hard Work

The class of 2021 have continued St. Peter’s long-standing tradition of high performance. The excellent standards achieved by the students have been done so against the backdrop of Covid-19 disruptions, making their achievement all the more extraordinary.

Phil Randall, Headteacher said:

“Students have shown outstanding resilience and hard work. They have coped more than admirably with the uncertainty and anxieties, not only of exams but of all that Covid-19 has thrown at them. These results are down to their dedication and working closely with our incredible teams of highly committed and skilful staff. As a community we have kept to our vision and ethos through these challenging times and it is wonderful to see students take their next steps onto college and sixth form courses, apprenticeships and employment.

The students of 2021 are a terrific bunch of characters who I have no doubt will use their experiences and continue to make the world a better place.

Parents and carers also deserve a huge thank you - they too have shown great flexibility and resilience, encouraging their children through these incredibly challenging times. I trust they will be delighted and possibly relieved at today’s excellent outcomes.”

Staff have been on site today to support students with their next steps. Previous communications have also provided information in order that every single student gets onto their best future pathway. Please do use these contacts to support you.