Year 7/LJM Escot 2021


News - 14th Sep 2021

What a cracking day we had at Escot! We started off with doing the incredible, biffsquiggling* maze, only just scraping out alive with the Minotaur close on our heels! After that we went into the deep, dark woods to build shelters and fires, just before the ‘storm’ came in! This gave us the chance to have a little bit of a competition for the best constructed shelter. I had the privilege of providing ‘a thunderstorm in a watering can’, to see how wet the students would get in a real rain shower!

Once we’d had our lunch, we got ready for the oozy, muddy Swamp Walk! Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to spot any ferocious crocodiles, but there were a few frogs.

To finish the day, we (I mean the students!)  went on the drop slide, just to burn off the last of our energy?!

What I loved the most was seeing my tutor group’s budding and beautiful characters at their best; the collaboration; the courage; the kindness. I am so excited to see your characters grow and develop while you are with us at St. Peter’s.

Ms. Meadowcroft

*©Roald Dahl

This was the first time I’ve accompanied a Year 7 class to Escot.  What an amazing lot 7LJM are!  Well done especially to the young lady (you know who you are) who had at least 5 attempts at conquering the drop slide. Her final attempt was a success and was met with an enormous and supporting cheer of congratulations from all students and staff. (Feel the fear, but always try and have a go 7LJM).

Ms Nolan – Librarian