Year 7/NLK Escot 2021


News - 15th Sep 2021

7NLK had a fabulous day at Escot! From the very beginning I was so impressed at the listening and communication skills demonstrated by the group, which was also commented on by the activity leaders from Escot. We started the day in the maze, where students used their problem solving skills to get to the centre of the maze. Some did it really quickly, and then used their time to guide others through which was great to see. After a quick snack break, it was on to the woods for some bushcraft activities. There was some amazing prior knowledge of survival techniques from the group and some really sturdy shelter building (some even built three and joined them together to make a giant one – well done Josh, Dylan, Abel and Adam for your creativity!). After a few struggles to get the fires lit each group managed to get one going, showing great perseverance to stick with it after so many attempts not working.

Then, it was back to the camp to get changed for the swamp walk! The best bit of the day – everyone got completely stuck in and had a great time. Even those who weren’t sure about it gave it a go, and ended up staying in the whole way and really enjoying themselves. I was really impressed with the perseverance of the whole group, and their ability to encourage each other through, especially Dougie, Jake, Olivia and Roni, well done everyone!

After we had rinsed and dried off it was time to explore the park, we had a glimpse of the bears and the wolves, before making our way to the drop slide, which was enjoyed by everyone! Too high for me though…

Overall it was a fantastic day. The tutor group threw themselves in to every activity, were kind to each other, and never gave up, no matter how tough! I am really looking forward to seeing your character develop further over the years here at St Peter’s.

Thanks for a great day, 7NLK!

Mrs Kitchener