Student of the Month – September 2021

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News - 22nd Oct 2021

Congratulations to the following individuals who

have been nominated by subjects as

Student of the Month – September 2021:


Isabella C 7LJM - French

Beth W 7VLK - Excellent contributions to class discussion.

Amira R 7CAS & Tylia T 7CAS for their efforts at the Coffee morning.

James M 7LJM - putting full effort into his work

Rebecca O 7KLW - perseverance in English

Ethan N 7ZMA - English


Rylan A 8VSL - engaging well in his learning. 

Jerome J 8CSH - engaging well in his learning.

Sam H 8MEC - consistent enthusiasm and hard work in MFL

Olivia J 8VEO - English


Molly H 9MPK - English

Hannah L 9MLP - always looks for opportunities to stretch herself and embrace challenges

Aiden C 9CER- Excellent contributions to class discussions. 

Olly C 9KDS - English.

Josh C 10HBB - English

Freddie W 10TRM - English

Georgina M 10BJH - Art

Sean B 10MCD - Maths

Maya C 10MMM - hard working

Emma F 10MCD - English

Niya B 10SAB - for showing good community spirit.


Mason D 11MMt - English

Brooke L 11MDH - English

Evie K 11ACS - Biology

Max P 11ACS - English

Imogen B 11MDH - English.

Harley V 11CDB - Digital IT.