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News - 5th Nov 2021

Dear Parents and carers.

Please find below correspondence we have just received from the School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) regarding the Covid vaccination programme for 12-15 year olds.

The SAIS have indicated to us that there is a possibility that the proposed vaccination session may well be cancelled for the second time due to the current complexities of the delivery of this programme. Given this information, please note that there are also vaccination community centres locally for 12-15 year olds. These can be booked online here: SAIS have also indicated that even if consent has been provided on a previous occasion, the consent form will need to be completed again.

If your child has recorded a positive PCR test result since the 12th October 2021  they are not able to have the vaccination yet.

St Peter’s C of E Aided School.

Invitation letter for parents of children aged 12 to 15 years of age  

Dear Parents and Guardians,  

COVID-19 vaccination CONSENT for children aged 12 to 15 years of age  

I am writing to inform you that we will imminently be offering COVID-19 vaccinations in school. Covid vaccinations will only be administered to children where a positive consent has been completed by parents/ guardians. If there is any discrepancy between child and parental view a call will be made to parents away from the immunisation sessions to discuss and catch-up vaccination arranged where required. 

This vaccination will be free of charge and our highest priority is making it easy for children to access one dose of the vaccine before the winter.  

The main purpose of the COVID-19 school age vaccination programme is to provide protection to the children who receive the vaccine and may help to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the wider population.  

By consenting you will be helping to play your part in reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading.   

Please see information on the children's covid vaccination to inform your consent via this link: 

Please ensure you discuss the vaccination with your child and go through the above information (on the link) about the vaccine with them, so they are fully informed at point of vaccination.  

The programme is open to all young people in school years 7-11 who are 12 years or on 10th November 2021 (this includes those in Year 11 who are 16 and have not received the vaccination). 

Please note the Covid vaccine is not a live vaccine and there is therefore no risk to other children or unvaccinated children from this taking place in school.  

The 12–15-year-olds vaccination is currently a one dose vaccine schedule. Should this change, or your child is identified as clinically extremely vulnerable or living with an immuno-compromised household member, contact will be made to obtain consent for subsequent vaccine doses where required. 

Please indicate your consent or decline to vaccination by completing an electronic consent via this link:

The NHS Number is not a mandatory field so please leave this blank if not available.  

Please note the e-consent will only be open until midnight on Monday 8th November 2021, it is therefore essential if you wish your child to receive the vaccine this is completed immediately upon receipt. 

Should you need support in completing the consent or have queries relating to this programme please contact the School Immunisation Service on or via 0300 247 0082.  

Please note should your query relate to missing the consent window for your school, the team will not be able to re-open consent for the booked date but you will be able to access the vaccine through a community catch up clinic booking - information will be distributed regarding this when available.  

Best wishes,  

School Immunisation Service 

Virgin Care Limited  

Information about COVID-19 vaccines is available at: 

School Age Immunisations Team
Virgin Care Services Limited

Telephone: 0300 247 0082