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News - 18th May 2023

Well done to Team Hope for winning the South West Lego robotics regional finals at Exeter college technology centre Wednesday 18th May 2023.

Students started the day with the speed challenge where the aim was to design the fastest robot to travel down a 4m track and return without veering off course and without hitting the Lego wall at the end of the track. The official timer had some issues on our 1st attempt, but the robot performed perfectly for our second attempt due to its lightweight design and gear system.

Next was the mat challenge. The judges loved that our robot performed the National anthem to start and were really impressed by its grabber system and light sensor which was used to follow a track around the mat.

Team Hope then wowed the judges with their presentation on robot design and their research project on the use of smog free towers and drones to relieve areas with high air pollution.

The final challenge of the day was teamwork. Again St. Peter’s put in 100% effort and used lots of aspects of our character compass to work together successfully. It was fantastic to see them discussing their ideas and collaborating together so well.

We are delighted to announce that St. Peter’s has now made it through to the National final at the Big Bang Fair NEC Birmingham mid-June. Team hope are working hard to make more improvements to their robots over the next few weeks.