Press Release


News - 13th Nov 2020

St. Peter’s Church of England VA School has confirmed a student has tested positive for Covid-19.  

We have been made aware today that we have an additional positive case meaning that now we have two confirmed positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Year 11 at St. Peter’s.

In line with the risk assessment and guidance from Public Health England the school quickly identified that the whole Year 11 bubble now needs to self-isolate.  We continue to work closely with Public Health England, sharing information as required in order to act with integrity, keep everyone as safe as possible and maximise learning opportunities.

Headteacher Phil Randall said: “I am very aware that students have already missed a lot of time in school and that it is important to find the balance between identifying everyone who may be at a genuine risk of developing infection whilst not asking students and staff to self-isolate unnecessarily.  We want to have as many students in school as possible but the positive cases mean that in line with Public Health England guidelines we are needing to ask Year 11 students to self-isolate”

“We are all experiencing extremely challenging times and have at the heart of all of our decisions the safety, wellbeing and education of our students.  We find many of the rules we need to abide by frustrating but we continue to work with Public Health England, the Department for Education and Devon County Council with integrity to make the best decisions possible.”

“Nevertheless, it is very frustrating to be in this position of sending students home to self-isolate having worked so hard this term and throughout the summer holiday to put a strong risk assessment in place that students and staff continue to follow.”

"The students that are self-isolating will now be able to engage in online learning using Zoom via Google Classroom, and follow their normal timetable.  Students are well equipped and very familiar with this platform and teachers are already preparing and setting work.”

"We will be monitoring the situation closely."