Student of the Month

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News - 25th Nov 2020

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been nominated by subjects as

Student of the Month – November 2020

Olivia D 7VEO (English)

Dinis E 8MLP (Art)

Jack J 9SAB (asking questions & seeking out new information)

Emma F 9MCD (Dell plus)

Sean B 9MCD (Dell)

Kacper W 9LCW (Food and Nutrition)

Phoebe B 9KDS

Sennan C 9LCW (English)

Merry K 9MMM (Physics)

Lilliana L 10ACS (Biology)

Bea O 10 MMT (working hard)

Rebecca T 10NMG (Biology)

Afie A 10MMT (Physics)

Max B 10 MDH (Chemistry)

Bobbie R 10MGS

Sophie C 10GEP (Spanish)

Ethan M 10MGS (Maths)

Ocee M 10GEP (Maths)

Holly W 11LGH (History)

Charis B 11HEB (Art)

Ruby Horn 11LJS (Outstanding effort)

Amelia T 11CAS

Elodie A 11 NLT