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News - 27th Jan 2021

Congratulations to the following individuals whohave been nominated by subjects as

Student of the Month – December 2020:

Lucas B 7 MAE (optional extra work for his maths homework).

Lilly B 7LEK (great start to secondary school).

Evie C 7JMM (touch typing homework).

James D 7VEO (touch typing homework).

Maya Z 7VEO (touch typing homework).

Rowan T 7VEO(touch typing homework).

The following students for outstanding effort in their presentation projects:

Bethia R 7MEC

Hannah R 7VEO

Olivia D 7VEO

Harry E 7VEO

Monty E 7CRG

Melody S 7CRG

Abigail S 7CRG

Holly S-M 7CRG

Bracken C 7CRG

Bernice K 7CSH

Ester K 7CSH

Mollie S 7CSH

Taya C 10KLC - Trying really hard in assessment.

Innes Rose P 10ACS – Excellent commitment.

Sophia P 10 NMG – English

Joe T 10 NMG – English

Tyler P 10 GEP – English

Poppy W 10 ACS – English

Sam W 10 KLC – English

Cole A 10 MGS – English


Brooke L 10 MDH – consistent positive attitude.

Finley C 10 RAM – consistent positive attitude.


Hannah L- 11KST

Amelia T 11CAS - Geography

Alejandro G 11ELF - Maths

Ruby C 11 AJM – for continued effort and dedication to her studies.


Bethany A 8GFA – Geography


Aaron M-S 9TRM - DELL 

Liahna R 9TRM - Digital IT

Gracie R 9 BJH - Geography

Ben P 9ALG - great effort and attitude in lessons.

Sam M 9MMM - outstanding level of effort.

Maddison H 9BJH- consistent positive attitude.

Liahna R 9TRM - good focus in lessons.

Archie B 9BJH - consistent positive attitude.  

Merry K 9MMM - great contributions.

Lilliana L 10ACS (Biology)

Bea O 10 MMT (working hard)

Rebecca T 10NMG (Biology)

Afie A 10MMT (Physics)

Max B 10 MDH (Chemistry)

Bobbie R 10MGS

Sophie C 10GEP (Spanish)

Ethan M 10MGS (Maths)

Ocee M 10GEP (Maths)