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News - 1st Feb 2021

Congratulations to the following individuals whohave been nominated by subjects as

Student of the Month – January 2021:

Calum B 7VEO - Working hard

Daniel M 7LEK - Inspirational!

Mollie S 7CSH - History

Aaron E 7MAE - History

Mia L 7LEK - Everyday her work is amazing!

Omar D 8NJC - kindness, good humour & endless enthusiasm.

Jack B 8GFA - consistently works hard both in school and home.

Zak K-Smith 8SMS - Helping others

Luke R 8AJP – English & History

Leon K 8AJP – Science

Anna W 8ALS - Fine Art

Bethany A 8GFA - Food Technology

Marley M 8AJP – Maths

Charlie C 8LEW – Science

Emma J 8SMS – Maths

Molly P 8GRM - engaged well in remote learning.

Gracey-May F 9KDS - positive attitude.

Ebi B 9MMM - English

Justina D 9SMS - Art

Chyla R 9TRM – Biology

Ryan E 9VLR - Physics

Sadie S 9BJH Physics

Emily C 9ALG Physics

Annarose P 9MCD – Working hard

Phoebe B 9KDS – Active participant in lessons

Ned W 9VLR – Engaging in improvement for progress.

Freddie W 9TRM – Positive attitude

Andrea R 9SAB – RE

Niya B 9SAB - History

Christos D 9KDS - GCSE PE, Commitment to online learning.

Chloe P 9MMM – Consistent focus & hard work