Student of the Month - May 2021

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News - 31st May 2021

Congratulations to the following individuals who

have been nominated by subjects as

Student of the Month – May 2021:

Aaron E 7MAE - Computing

Noni C 7BJF - Maths

Josephine T 7MEC - Perseverance

Meg C 7JMM - Hard work

Oliver B 8NJC – Consistent commitment

Anna W 8ALS – Science

Bethany A 8GFA – French

Flora H 9LCW - Ted speakers

Joel B 9MMM - English

Andrea R 9SAB – Hard work

Ella A 9TRM – Consistent hard work

Emma F 9MCD – Hard work

Kieran D 9KDS – DELL

Bella W 10KLC - Art

Alice C 10ACS – Hard work

Saffron H 10NMG – Hard work

Olivia K 10NMG – English

Hari S 10MDH – Biology

Daisy M 11AJM – Excellent effort