We Will Rock You

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News - 20th Apr 2023

On the 7th to the 10th of March St Peter’s C of E School put on a production of We Will Rock You.

WWRY is the story of Galileo who has dreams in which he hears music and lyrics and song titles. He has no idea what they mean or what to do with This makes him an outsider in a world where the Killer Queen has banned all music.

As the show unfolds, we discover hidden characters who are trying to keep Music alive and believe that Galileo is the chosen one to help them. And he is!

The production was huge success. The cast and crew of 80 plus students worked so hard to create an entertaining and thought-provoking show. They gave up their evenings and weekends to make sure this show was the best it could be. They worked as a team, a tribe we call it. It didn’t matter if you were a chorus member, or a main character all were important, and all supported each other.

The songs in WWRY are all from the band Queen. The cast loved this but so did the audience. During every performance the audience could be seen and heard joining in.

We knew we had some amazing singers, but the cast excelled themselves. Their energy for the faster songs and ability to hold the audience for the slower, more meaningful songs was stunning to see.

We had so many emails from parents telling us how much they enjoyed the show and many that came back the next night!